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PGR _______________Saturday, June 6________________________________cost one smile_ ___________ El CamPestre Like most towns, Chilhowie has many yummy restaurants. What makes this one special is its name, most people in Chilhowie call it the Mexican restaurant instead of El Campestre. It got the building from another Chilhowie restaurant called the Rainbow.  What made the restaurant unique is its giant rainbow in front of the building that said the Rainbow.  El Campestre translated in English is “the country”. It has amazing Mexican food and has awesome service. When you get there you will be greeted with ( in Christmastime) a room with wooden seats and a huge nativity scene. On normal days it has the same room without the nativity scene. Then a waiter or waitress will take you to your seat and they will give you chips and salsa.  Then you place your order and eat! What the editors like to eat is the Arroz Texacano.  In concussion, the less than 2,000 people in Chilhowie will know this


  PGR   Paine Girl Report  _________________________________________________cost one smile__ _____________ Troubles   _____________________________________________________________________________________ While out walking our editors uncovered a breaking story, for privacy reasons we will not be giving out names. A year ago in September 2019, a hole was found in front of a house on 671 Apple Valley road. The next year VDOT inspected it and found it ok even though the consistent strain could make the pipe under it could burst and damage a passing vehicle.    VDOT was also made aware of an intersection where a sign was needed.   If you have ever come to the intersection of Old Stage Rd and Church St while other cars are present, it soon becomes evident a sign is needed.  This was reported to VDOT earlier this year.   VDOT came out with their crew, including an Engineer, who said, yes, a sign is needed.   The sign is needed yet after months one has not been placed to clarify the right way


       PGR            Fourth edition Paine Girl Report ___Saturday June 27th____________________________cost one smile _____ How Chilhowie Has Changed From a Native American burial ground into a school, Ice cream shop into a hair salon, school into a library, and many more,  Chilhowie is a town with many modifications over the years. It was founded in 1913.  It has around 2,000 people living in it and has a lot of farms. The people here almost know everybody and have tons of friends and family waiting to visit. There used to be around five community pools that you had to pay to swim in. At the baseball field, they used to play donkey ball which is like baseball but instead of running bases, you ride on a donkey. The school was at what is now the Chilhowie Public Library. It had 1 6th grade classroom and 4 7th grade classrooms. At the high/middle school when they built it, it was found out that it had a purpose before they got there. That purpose was a Native American burial ground. Not


PGR                      Fifth edition Paine Girl Report ______Saturday, July 4th Independence Day Edition ___cost one smile __     Independence day Written By: Billie & Sadie Paine Facts about Independence Day and Thomas Jefferson : The Declaration of Independence was not only written by Thomas Jefferson; he had some help Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States Thomas Jefferson wrote the words on his own tombstone  On his tombstone, he did not add that he served as President Jefferson has a bone of a giant sloth claw called the Megalonyx Jeffersonii after him John Adams denied celebrating the 4th as Independence Day; he wanted it on the 2nd  There are 56 signers on the Declaration  8 of the signers are from the United Kingdom or the UK Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day - July 4th 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence   John Adam’s supposed last words were” at least Jefferson still lives” even though Jefferson had died ho


    PGR              Sixth edition _______Saturday, June 11_______________cost one smile ____________ Summertime: FOOD By Sadie Paine Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and many more. When we think of these holidays, there is a certain food that goes along with each one. At PGR we have been living our best summer lives.  Here are some tips and tricks for………….. FOOD! Summertime edition. Snow Cone Tips  When you think of summer foods, watermelon or popsicles come to mind.  It may not be typical,  but it sure is tasty: The Snow Cone. We were lucky enough to have a snow cone maker given to us by Luke and Page Houchins.  Thank You!! Tip 1. The Syrup!! Snow Cones wouldn’t be snow cones without the syrup. You can make the syrup many different ways but this is what worked best -- Kool-Aid!! Most recipes call for Kool-Aid but using jello powder in a pinch will leave you with the same great flavor but it may have a bit of a gritter texture. Syrup Recipe: Boil 1 cup water & 1 cup sugar; Remove


PGR ________Saturday, July  25th _____________________cost one smile_ __ By: Sadie Paine  Celebrity Smack Talk If you have been watching your TV or device lately then you might have seen an ad for the Tennessee Secretary of State election or the Presidential election in November. You might also have noticed that they focus on the downs of other candidates. There are 17 people running for Secretary of State and 2 running for President. The candidates in the Tennessee election are saying that they support Trump, thinking that the supporters of Trump will vote for them, therefore getting them “more” votes. Why are they focusing on the downs?? Well if you can smack talk about their downs and then talk about YOUR ups, the viewer sees the other person as “bad” and them as “good”.   All this drama but not one single person is saying one thing, not one thing nice!! The Bristol race is safe??  No COVID-19 cases have been linked to the bristol race yet. Despite the southwest spike in COVID cases


NASCAR:  All-Star Race The NASCAR All-Star Race was Held on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. at the Bristol Motor Speedway. This is the largest event that we have had in quarantine.         In first, Chase Elliott in a Chevrolet number 9; in 2nd, Kyle Busch with a Toyota number 18; and in 3rd, Kevin Harvick in a Ford number 4. Mask and social distancing were in place   Football? As COVID cases rise and school comes closer many high schools and colleges have to make the decision  “I‘m not sure at this point that we need to start closing down as we had before. We probably are not at that point but again, it remains a possibility,” said Dr. Thomas Kerkering with the Roanoke City & Allegheny Health District’s Communicable Disease Team. VHSL announced that they will not have football  Check it out!! We have made our first post on our website. You can see it at                        Thank you for reading this weeks’ PGR

Social, with no distancing

Social, with no distancing  _____________________________________________________________________ At Hungry Mother State Park, we were surprised to see that at the beach there were as many people as normal. The lake wasn’t nearly as crowded. The limit at the beach is 300 people although the limit for outside gatherings in Virginia is 250. You would think that a STATE PARK would obey state guidelines. No masks were being worn and with the crowd there it was harder and harder to social distance. There has been a spike in Southwest Virginia with coronavirus cases. We went there to canoe and paddleboard. The staff was as kind and helpful just with extra safety precautions. It was amazing, the lake was so pretty. You can see a difference in the lake and beaches population. The diving board was packed with people waiting in line to get a chance to show people their tricks. With this, being a state park is just advertising for more people to go there and possibly spread the virus. With beach,


Today I met with Emily Dungan school teacher a mother  when will schools open  teachers start August 5 and students go back on the 20th. in person or virtual  right now it is a hybrid A-B schedule with A students going on Monday Thursday and B students going on Tuesday and Friday. you can also choose for your child to go all virtual  your opinion we should go all virtual at the start of the school year because we will get a situation and a lot of people will be exposed and it will be a nightmare. any concerns for staff learning how to adjust.  

Zoom Etiquette

( the others will be in the newspaper)                             Interrupt   In society were  interrupting is rude you should look for signs that a person is wanting to speak like turning of the mic. draw people in and and give them the hook. Don't walk                                                                                                                                                 This is a very simple one don't walk it is hard to concentrate while on a rollercoaster ride. Pets and kids (or husband )                                                                                                                       give them something to do, or better yet get them out on a walk or playing in the yard. Review                                                                                                                                                     just like a regular meeting have all your stuff in one place a review how to use that platform 

Baseball and books!!!

Baseball is back!! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Like, brother and sister, baseball was jealous when NASCAR started racing and then moved onto doing it with fans. On July26 the baseball books will change, they will make this change starting with fans. Altho who, what, and why are the questions we should be asking. People are saying that this is what they need, sports, excitement, and entertainment in this quarantine learning experience. Best summer reads _____________________________________________________________________________________  Gary Paulson This author is a Newberry award author that has a survival type and seems to have neverending ideas. some of his books include Hatchet, Bryans winter, Bryans hunt. Just to name a few. Jk Rowling  She has Harry Potter, she has Quitage threw the ages and many more. She is also the author of many adult books. Altho she is known for Harry Potter she has so many more books and so much mo

Hello we are PGR

We would like to give you a warm welcome to PGR!! This is a big step for us all and we are so excited to share Chilhowies Past, Present, and Future with you. On this platform you will see: Bonus Content, Weekly Newspapers, Videos, and more!  All this will be coming your way on July 20th! We hope you enjoy it!! We are PGR