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How Chilhowie Has Changed

From a Native American burial ground into a school, Ice cream shop into a hair salon, school into a library, and many more,  Chilhowie is a town with many modifications over the years. It was founded in 1913.  It has around 2,000 people living in it and has a lot of farms. The people here almost know everybody and have tons of friends and family waiting to visit. There used to be around five community pools that you had to pay to swim in. At the baseball field, they used to play donkey ball which is like baseball but instead of running bases, you ride on a donkey. The school was at what is now the Chilhowie Public Library. It had 1 6th grade classroom and 4 7th grade classrooms. At the high/middle school when they built it, it was found out that it had a purpose before they got there. That purpose was a Native American burial ground. Not confirming what to do because there were no laws saying that they couldn’t build the school,  they went about their way and didn’t think much of it. The name Chilhowie comes from a Native American name meaning “Valley of Many Deer”. It got this name because it had so many deer. You might not see as many now because of Chilhowie’s many changes. It has about the same number of yummy restaurants, but much more fast food. As you know Chilhowie has one stoplight now but it only had stop signs on Lee Highway and White Top Road. The Townhouse was the first house built and is still standing today above Food City. It is only a chimney but is a wonderful piece of history. We are telling you so much about this astonishing town’s history, we are just thinking that we can't wait to see what comes next!  Town House, Chilhowie, SMYTH County, Virginia

If you have any memories of Chilhowie please email us so we can put it in a special section on our website!

Phase 3 Fobia?


The Governor of Virginia announced his state will be in phase three of COVID-19 by July 1st. Schools will start in August with an A/B schedule with half of the students going on Monday and Tuesday and the other half on Thursday and Friday. Sanitation days will be on Wednesday and the weekends. Elementary school students will focus on reading and math. The rest of the time the students will do school work virtually.NASCAR: Bubba Wallace: Noose found at Talladega was not a garage pull



At first, people went to the ballpark to escape from quarantine and practice. Now, many people (from lots of friends to a family gathering) are at the ballpark with no masks or social distancing rules in place. There are a few families that will obey these rules and try to stay safe and keep others safe as well. We would like to say “Thank You!”  to these families.


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