Social, with no distancing

Social, with no distancing 


Kayaking Hungry Mother Lake | Abingdon Outdoors

At Hungry Mother State Park, we were surprised to see that at the beach there were as many people as normal. The lake wasn’t nearly as crowded. The limit at the beach is 300 people although the limit for outside gatherings in Virginia is 250. You would think that a STATE PARK would obey state guidelines. No masks were being worn and with the crowd there it was harder and harder to social distance. There has been a spike in Southwest Virginia with coronavirus cases. We went there to canoe and paddleboard. The staff was as kind and helpful just with extra safety precautions. It was amazing, the lake was so pretty. You can see a difference in the lake and beaches population. The diving board was packed with people waiting in line to get a chance to show people their tricks. With this, being a state park is just advertising for more people to go there and possibly spread the virus. With beach, hiking, picnics, camping, and the lake this makes one great state park!


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