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  9/11 the day will live in Infamousy it killed 2,977 people and is a dark spot in our nation's history. There were 4 flights that were hijacked 2 flew into the twin towers, 1  to the pentagon, our nation's department of defense headquarters, and 1 was set for the capital but the brave men and women of that flight tried to take control and crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Both Trump and Joe Biden visited Shanksville, though they did not meet.  Joe Biden stopped all advertising, press conferences, and campaigns on 9/11 to remember and mourn the loss of everyone that died because of 9/11.


 We have decided to do the PGR newspaper every month, not every week EVERY MONTH. With the school year ahead and the blog, this is the push we needed to slow down. We have already made this announcement on the paper news. We hope you can live without your weekly dose of the Paine Girl Report! the blog posts will be once a week