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PGR_______________Saturday, June 6________________________________cost one smile____________El CamPestreLike most towns, Chilhowie has many yummy restaurants. What makes this one special is its name, most people in Chilhowie call it the Mexican restaurant instead of El Campestre.It got the building from another Chilhowie restaurant called the Rainbow.  What made the restaurant unique is its giant rainbow in front of the building that said the Rainbow. 
El Campestre translated in English is “the country”. It has amazing Mexican food and has awesome service. When you get there you will be greeted with ( in Christmastime) a room with wooden seats and a huge nativity scene. On normal days it has the same room without the nativity scene. Then a waiter or waitress will take you to your seat and they will give you chips and salsa.  Then you place your order and eat! What the editors like to eat is the Arroz Texacano.  In concussion, the less than 2,000 people in Chilhowie will know this heart…

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