Long Time, No See!

 There is good news and bad news.  First bad, we have decided that the PGR will stop until next summer. This is because of school, covid, and we can't go around town bike riding in the snow. The good being that we will come back next year for summer! Also, make sure you comment your opinion! Hoping you understand, B+S


  9/11 the day will live in Infamousy it killed 2,977 people and is a dark spot in our nation's history. There were 4 flights that were hijacked 2 flew into the twin towers, 1  to the pentagon, our nation's department of defense headquarters, and 1 was set for the capital but the brave men and women of that flight tried to take control and crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Both Trump and Joe Biden visited Shanksville, though they did not meet.  Joe Biden stopped all advertising, press conferences, and campaigns on 9/11 to remember and mourn the loss of everyone that died because of 9/11.


 We have decided to do the PGR newspaper every month, not every week EVERY MONTH. With the school year ahead and the blog, this is the push we needed to slow down. We have already made this announcement on the paper news. We hope you can live without your weekly dose of the Paine Girl Report! the blog posts will be once a week 

Women's vote

 100 years ago women were able to vote, and people in Bristol helped celebrate by wearing yellow, white, and purple. People also rang "justice bells " at noon and walked in downtown Bristol.  This special day was very heartwarming and prideful for women across the nation.


  If you are keeping up with the news you might notice that there have been many mentions of Ballad health. Here is what we know, Bristol Tenn. 7:00 pm. The CEO of Ballad health is going to inspect, finding himself at this one he is asked by a surgeon if he would like to make the first cut in the patient. Without a medical license, he said yes. This news was shocking in 2 ways for us, 1 being that he obviously made a cut without a license and, 2 the CEO of Ballad health does NOT have a surgical license???

PGR 10

  PGR Paine Girl Report  _________Satueday, August 15th __________________cost one smile ___ _ Natural Disasters everywhere It’s everywhere!! The tropical storm, Southern California wildfire, and a 5.1 earthquake in North Carolina. All in a global pandemic! Experts say that 25 storms could be hurricanes this season. And a COVID spike in the middle of a wildfire. With the rains and winds from tropical Isaias, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a State of Emergency for downstate New York. Nearly 2.5 million people lost power in the region. What does this mean for us?  Scattered rain and thunderstorms all over southwest VA from the storms.  Wildfires started last Friday in southern California officials said in a tweet that it was not contained The Riverside County Fire Department responded with air and ground resources, 375 firefighters were assigned to the fire, named the Apple Fire. 200 homes had to be evacuated and the fire has covered 1900 acres. This is not the first wildfire that has st