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Natural Disasters everywhere

It’s everywhere!! The tropical storm, Southern California wildfire, and a 5.1 earthquake in North Carolina. All in a global pandemic! Experts say that 25 storms could be hurricanes this season. And a COVID spike in the middle of a wildfire.

With the rains and winds from tropical Isaias, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a State of Emergency for downstate New York. Nearly 2.5 million people lost power in the region. What does this mean for us?  Scattered rain and thunderstorms all over southwest VA from the storms. 

Wildfires started last Friday in southern California officials said in a tweet that it was not contained The Riverside County Fire Department responded with air and ground resources, 375 firefighters were assigned to the fire, named the Apple Fire. 200 homes had to be evacuated and the fire has covered 1900 acres. This is not the first wildfire that has started in California over the past few years. Not only fires but COVID cases in southern California are higher than in any other part of the state.  

August 9th, 8:00, Winston Salem.  A 5.1 earthquake is just minutes away, the sleeping people (the ones that are smart to be sleeping) are going to be woken to an unpleasant surprise. Minutes later it hits shaking so hard people 143.2 miles (Chilhowie) can feel it. If what the experts are predicting, this is one of many to come.

Damascus thrills


We went to Damascus VA and rode on the VA creeper trail last Friday and loved it. The scenery was beautiful and all 17 miles were amazing.  At mile 4 there is a shack with souvenirs, free water, and free wifi. This would be a good place to stop and text/call loved ones. There is a creek alongside almost the whole time. At mile 13 you will find a 48 Hours in Damascus

Little town almost with food and entertainment. The ride is down so you do not have to worry about it being “hard”, although sitting on a bike for 2 ½ hours is not very comfortable. We would also recommend stretching afterward. We would like to thank Sundog Outfitters for the amazing ride up! Safety precautions were put in place.

Coin shortage


If you have been following the news, places are asking customers to pay in exact change—or even to bring in their coins, because the U.S. mint is not producing as many coins because they have limited workers and as most people are indoors and therefore most of the coins are inside. The Mint is going to produce 1.65 billion coins every remaining month of 2020. (Usually, there are about 1 billion coins produced a month.) 

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