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Virginia Department of Transportation - Home



While out walking our editors uncovered a breaking story, for privacy reasons we will not be giving out names. A year ago in September 2019, a hole was found in front of a house on 671 Apple Valley road. The next year VDOT inspected it and found it ok even though the consistent strain could make the pipe under it could burst and damage a passing vehicle.   

VDOT was also made aware of an intersection where a sign was needed.   If you have ever come to the intersection of Old Stage Rd and Church St while other cars are present, it soon becomes evident a sign is needed.  This was reported to VDOT earlier this year.   VDOT came out with their crew, including an Engineer, who said, yes, a sign is needed.   The sign is needed yet after months one has not been placed to clarify the right way.

Earlier in the year, another observation was made,  On Beattie Ave, a stop sign is down.  The post is there and probably under height regulations yet the sign is literally lying on the ground and has been on the ground for months. This week we went by and checked on the sign; it was still on the ground. 

We question VDOT and its liability in these cases.  When a sign is needed and not placed yet a wreck happens, who is to blame?   We live in a sleepy town and so many of us are defensive drivers yet please keep your eyes open for these dangers.

This is sadly a true story. Please be aware while driving.



K.Harvick #4 won this week’s race. We think that if they are losing money and won’t get it back they will start charging the people to watch it on TV.

Library Summer Schedule 


The Chilhowie public library has a summer program that kids like us look forward to every year. They will be doing a summer reading program from home this year. They are closed but you can call and pick up a book on Thursday from 11-4. They gave out packets and will be posting videos from Facebook. The packets are free and include a book and a lot of other cool stuff. 

A Year to Lose Wheels


On June 8th on the Dungan farm, Mr. Dungan was teddering another batch of hay. Then a tedder wheel fell off. No one is hurt and it is planned to get fixed. I can only think, this is a year to lose a lot of things but a year to lose wheels.


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Firetruck Fears


On Lions Gap Road the Mayor’s truck got hit by a firetruck and messed up the front bumper and side mirror. You can go by the Chilhowie Service Station and see it for yourself. No serious damage was done to the firetruck. The fire truck was on call when it hit the rollback truck. No one got hurt and Mr. Heninger’s truck is getting fixed.


The school committee meeting was delayed until Thursday. They have decided that everyone will go back to school and obey social distancing rules and wear masks. They will start school on August 12. A regular size school bus can only hold 8 students with these rules in place. We are hoping that this is the right decision.


Three years of cancer-free!!


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