Baseball and books!!!

Baseball is back!!

Like, brother and sister, baseball was jealous when NASCAR started racing and then moved onto doing it with fans. On July26 the baseball books will change, they will make this change starting with fans. Altho who, what, and why are the questions we should be asking. People are saying that this is what they need, sports, excitement, and entertainment in this quarantine learning experience.

Best summer reads

 Gary Paulson
This author is a Newberry award author that has a survival type and seems to have neverending ideas. some of his books include Hatchet, Bryans winter, Bryans hunt. Just to name a few.

Jk Rowling 
She has Harry Potter, she has Quitage threw the ages and many more. She is also the author of many adult books. Altho she is known for Harry Potter she has so many more books and so much more to offer.

Beverly Cleary 
The author of, most famously Ramona, which is about a girl growing up, and Runaway Ralph. a mouse and his adventures. She got many Newberry awards for Ramona and the Golden Kite Award for Runaway Ralph.

Rick Riordan 
He is the author of the Percy Jackson series ( most famously). which is about a boy discovering that he is the son of Poseidon and his adventures.


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