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By: Sadie Paine 

Celebrity Smack Talk

If you have been watching your TV or device lately then you might have seen an ad for the Tennessee Secretary of State election or the Presidential election in November. You might also have noticed that they focus on the downs of other candidates. There are 17 people running for Secretary of State and 2 running for President. The candidates in the Tennessee election are saying that they support Trump, thinking that the supporters of Trump will vote for them, therefore getting them “more” votes. Why are they focusing on the downs?? Well if you can smack talk about their downs and then talk about YOUR ups, the viewer sees the other person as “bad” and them as “good”.   All this drama but not one single person is saying one thing, not one thing nice!!Top Workplaces | Office of the Tennessee Secretary of StateRoyOMartin | Presidents and Plywood: How the 2020 Election Could ...

The Bristol race is safe??

 No COVID-19 cases have been linked to the bristol race yet. Despite the southwest spike in COVID cases the bristol race is not linked to one!! The rules in place are Social distancing and  Masks (except for when you are socially distanced in your seat). Altho some people don’t wear masks anywhere!! If this is safe could there be a way out of the pandemic?? Well, all we know now is o stay home and wear our masks. And that is what we need to do.

Fall Sports Canceled 

Emery & Henery along with Chilhowie high has canceled ALL FALL SPORTS. This is devastating for the students and fans. This is what we will be missing, football, volleyball,  cross country, and golf. There is still a chance that winter and spring sports will resume as normal,  but we doubt it. There is also a change in the A B schedule, A students will go on Monday and Thursday. B students will go on you guessed it Tuesday and Friday. They will also be given the chouse of 100% virtual. The school year at Chilhowie schools is starting on August 13, luckily that is Thursday, not Friday, the 13th.

Our Website

 Last week we made our first post on pgreport.blogspot.com and we have been seeing that people have been checking it out! We plan to make a post every other week, it will be different content than our weekly news. As you saw in baseball and books we will still be doing mostly news with some other fun and exciting news.  There has been one change made when you want to look at our website you will go to pgreport.com it still has all your favorite content just on a different platform.                                                                                              

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