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Summertime: FOOD

By Sadie Paine

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and many more. When we think of these holidays, there is a certain food that goes along with each one. At PGR we have been living our best summer lives.  Here are some tips and tricks for………….. FOOD! Summertime edition.

Snow Cone Tips 

When you think of summer foods, watermelon or popsicles come to mind.  It may not be typical,  but it sure is tasty: The Snow Cone. We were lucky enough to have a snow cone maker given to us by Luke and Page Houchins.  Thank You!!

Tip 1. The Syrup!!Image result for snow cone clip art

Snow Cones wouldn’t be snow cones without the syrup. You can make the syrup many different ways but this is what worked best -- Kool-Aid!! Most recipes call for Kool-Aid but using jello powder in a pinch will leave you with the same great flavor but it may have a bit of a gritter texture.

Syrup Recipe:

Boil 1 cup water & 1 cup sugar; Remove from heat

Add 1 packet of kool-aid or jello powder

Let it cool down (this will take about 2 hours)

Pour over ice and served

Tip 2. A Blender 

As we have said, we have a snow cone maker, but a blender will do just the same! There is a difference between snow cone ice and slushy ice. Slushy ice is finer, leaving you with a more watery drink. 

Tip 3. How Much Syrup??

This really depends on personal preference. We like a lot of syrup.  Some people may not like it as much. We really can’t tell you how much or how little to add.

Anyone up for, S’MORES?! 

3 Options & a Tip

Option 1. Anyone up for a fireball??

Lots of people love this type of marshmallow and enjoy eating the gooey inside and crunchy outside. This type can also be the result of a mistake of putting it in the fire too long and it catching on fire. This is a yummy type like almost all marshmallows. 

Option 2. Pretzel S’more??

Pretzel, dark, Oreo, and many more. Why are there so many types of chocolate but it only seems like milk is the only one used for s’ mores? Well, we like to try all different kinds and by far our favorite is pretzel chocolate. It gives it a nice crunch and we love it!

Option 3. Oven S’mores 

No fireplace?  No problem! Throw ‘em in the oven!! You can still get melty chocolate and gooey marshmallows, even if you don’t have the place or time to build a fire but still want a s’more. The first step is to add the graham cracker on a cookie sheet with a marshmallow on top and put that in the oven for a few minutes or until it meets your personal preference. Then add the chocolate on another graham cracker piece and put that in the oven. Put them together and you’ve got happiness in oven form. 

Tip: The Board 

How come the marshmallow is melty but the chocolate is hard? Well, that all changes with this next hack -- the board. Simply take a flat wooden board and put your fully assembled s’ more on it. Hold it over ashes and you have a gooey chocolate s’ more! 

Thank you for reading this weeks’,

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