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8 Zoom Meeting Etiquette Tips

Source: Wall Street Journal and common sense Best Overall Video Conferencing Service - Business News Daily

It's “simple”, a pandemic hit, and you're stuck doing work from home. You have more and more meetings because it's “easier” to have them that way. Also because life is crazy, especially during a pandemic, and you need to sort things out. Is there etiquette, should there be etiquette? Well, this is some common bedside manners, for Zoom…………..

  1. NO FOOD!!!!

Ok, this is common sense, with the crunch of chips, or if you prefer sweets how about a nice long hard candy roller-coaster??  Doesn’t sound too fun right, so PLEASE don’t eat!! And if you are focusing more on hunger than the meeting the PLEASE mute your mic (and if your child’s name is Mike then don’t put duct tape on him and don’t take offense). And better yet turn your camera off. Thank you, whew!

  1.  Close the door

This is bedside manner; not all people have doors nowadays ( we are referring to “ no more concept of open concept” later in the newspaper) but if you can shut the door, please. We don’t need to hear a dishwasher or washing machine in the background. It is not a lot to ask but is appreciated GREATLY.

  1. Don’t be late

Bedside manners strike again, you have to do your job right?? And exactly how are you going to get info on that without going to a meeting?? Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean that anything ESPECIALLY sanitization is any less important. This is the best tip yet because you need to go to the scheduled meeting. After all, it's there for a reason.

  1. Turn off camera

This is bedside manner and visual contact “can” be important but in this scenario, it is rare. There are multiple options for your profile picture to be customized ( which will be displayed in place of your camera). And let’s be honest here everyone is a hot mess so you would WANT your camera off. 

*Wearing pants is an OPTION not  a necessary        

(Final four rules are listed on our website

No More Concept of Open-Concept


The once home craze is going out of style! In quarantine, people have realized that they are human and need space. The idea of a  wall-y house was once shut down; now it might be back in order. How can you quarantine with just being in one “room” if you only have one big one? This is not a shock with the drastic way the world is changing in the Coronavirus time. Will people renovate or just buy a new house? The answer lies within the next few weeks.Image result for open concept

Bike Shortage 


With people wanting to get out there has been a bike shortage! There are not stores that have even A bike. This is not an ideal situation for a lot of people. This may be a safety issue for some, riding an opposite gender or a bike that does not fit properly can be dangerous!  This also will be a good time to SELL a bike, with the supply low and demand high. If you want to go on the Creeper Trail you can rent a bike for that occasion. Will the supply get back up, and if so when?    



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