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Paine Girl Report

______Saturday, July 4th Independence Day Edition ___cost one smile__

    Independence day

Written By: Billie & Sadie Paine

Facts about Independence Day and Thomas Jefferson :

  1. The Declaration of Independence was not only written by Thomas Jefferson; he had some help

  2. Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States

  3. Thomas Jefferson wrote the words on his own tombstone 

  4. On his tombstone, he did not add that he served as President

  5. Jefferson has a bone of a giant sloth claw called the Megalonyx Jeffersonii after him

  6. John Adams denied celebrating the 4th as Independence Day; he wanted it on the 2nd 

  7. There are 56 signers on the Declaration 

  8. 8 of the signers are from the United Kingdom or the UK

  9. Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day - July 4th 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence 

  10.  John Adam’s supposed last words were” at least Jefferson still lives” even though Jefferson had died hours before

  11. 2020 is the 244th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence          


Written by: Sadie Paine

On Sunday, June 28th at Pocono raceway. D. Hamlin Toyota  #11 won with K. Harvick Ford #4 in the 2nd. Sunday they race at Indianapolis.   The point leader is Martin Truex Jr. with 500 points.

Mt. Rushmore

Written by: Billie & Sadie Paine

On Friday, July 3rd President Trump set off fireworks at the historic Mt Rushmore. Around  7,500 tickets were sold making it difficult to social distance if you choose to wear a mask and follow these recommendations. It is now legal to not obey these once rules. There was a protest because Mount Rushmore was created on sacred Native American land. The protests were peaceful but soon the National Guard intervened and started to arrest the protesters.  Trump supporters were yelling “go back to where you came from.”                                 Photos of 'THE BIG FIREWORKS' at Mount Rushmore over the years ...

Antiques on Main

Written by: Billie Paine

You might know Boots and Bangles on Main Street, but have you gone into the other shops?  One of them is an antique store and it is amazing! They have civil war relics that are in impeccable shape considering how old they are. Tons of china cups, pots and pans, and books.  We asked about a cookbook that we really liked and the owner was very nice and gave it to us for free! If you are going stir crazy (like us) take 10 minutes to visit this awesome shop (wear a mask and take safety precautions for yours and others safety).

Thank you for reading this weeks’,


Panie Girl Report


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